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How You Can Avoid Legal Land Mines
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Joseph Lyles, Attorney at Law in Greenville, SC

Have you been hurt by someone and want to claim your right to get compensation? Call me at (864) 834-8111.

If you have suffered physical injury, medical injury, mental injury, or financial injury you may be entitled to be compensated by the person, company, pet owner, or other responsible party, like an insurance company. But B E W A R E, everything you do right after you discover your injury could affect your ability to get the compensation you deserve.

Or, you may have been charged with a crime and want to minimize the damage to your family from the probable conviction; or you may want to protect your assets for your family and heirs, or you may have any number of issues that a lawyer can help you with. I graduated from Law school 30 years ago in 1983 and have worked in the legal profession ever since, as a judicial law clerk, JAG Officer (military lawyer), associate in a small firm, and now a fully independent lawyer on my own. I can solve a vast number of legal problems directly or in association with other lawyers. If I have to refer you out, I will, and I will do it in an attempt to get you the best lawyer for your problem.

Only you can take the most important step in solving your legal problem- that is contacting a good attorney to help you today. Pick up your phone and call now to protect your legal rights and start on the road to justice: (864) 843-8111. (I am happy to meet you at a convenient place in Greenville or the surrounding communities and will come to your home or hospital room, if necessary.)